Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas Felicitations...

Hello to anyone anywhere who might consult this at all, ever, in the slightest.

I just wanted to share with you my thoughts about Christmas, the Festive season, and the yuletide jollity in general.... it all seems a little bit bonkers as far as I can tell.

Currently my 2 little men are getting very excited about the imminent arrival of Santa (I mean my sons btw, not Mark & Jack!!) and had an online personalised message from him this very morning.... And at the minute it all seems fine, but they've got some friends round at the house this afternoon and I can't decide yet whether they're more bonkers than usual or if this is their usual level of bonkers-ness!...
Safe to say though, I am eternally grateful I didnt pursue a career as a Primary teacher - i'd only end up stamping on one of the little blighters left in my care!

Hobbit's on Points West doing some Christmas style beatboxing (go figure!) and Mark's not picking up his phone - but i'll hopefully get in touch on xmas or Hobbs' bday (26th) when The Warehouse Project (which we did in June) finally airs....
it'll be alright I'm sure!
This is however the photo still they chose to put on the banner advert - me with the most horrendous cheesy grin on.... I don't look like that surely??!

Ah well - off to do some wrapping.... not rapping - next gig's not til January!
much love & mulled wine
xEdi & The AFC

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

London n that...

So - I'm still recouperating after what was a proper MISSION to get to The Great Indoors in South London.
After a 4 hour drive for me, 5 hour trip for Mark & Jack, we actually met up as I drove past Starbucks in Borough and so we parked up and walked in the venue together.... (Jack's words on seeing The Roebuck - "PLEASE tell me that's not the venue?!!")
Downstairs = Normal Pub, Upstairs Room = little acoustic venue.

We had a quick run through at Soundcheck and found the sound a little wobbly, but generally cool - dunno what it sounded like out front though?!... We adjourned downstairs and after I BATTERED Mark & Hobbs at Connect 4, I introduced them to psychological Guess Who! The rules are simple - exactly the same as normal Guess Who, but you can't ask questions about their actual appearance!! So instead questions like "Would this person have a tattoo??" become de rigeur!!....

6/7 games later, a couple of mates had shown up & it seemed a bit weird with us really getting into the game and friends who we hadn't seen for ages being shunned so that we could figure out whether or not Peter looked like he'd be a reliable babysitter!

After heading upstairs, we found a deathly hush in the crowd as they respected the intimacy of the venue & the songs of the first 2 performers. 3rd on was a local legend back for one more time & as we knew we were on next we sorted our stuff out at the back pausing only to sing along with a medley including The Outhere Brothers, Ini Kamoze and the Fresh Prince! that was more like our sort of thing!!

Unfortunately that meant that the crowd he'd brought all left as he departed the stage and suddenly we were left with half the audience.

So we played We Are The AFC, Hobbitskit v2, Marmite & Rev Praise (a decent short set) and went down ok - as well as can be expected really...
had to leave afterwards quick smart so I could come to sleep - drove into the drive just gone 2am, then up to look after the boys for a bit at about 6.30am...

so now? I'm going to sleep!
catch you later y'all...

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Okey Dokey....gonna try and keep it real..

Hello m'lovelies!...

It's been some time since I blogged & I normally do it over at MySpace - but I'm rarely on there these days... So thought I'd set up a new one, tell some people about it, then try and update it with AFC news a bit more regular like!...

Had a couple of nice gigs recently, and setting up for our London Debut on 2nd Dec at The Great Indoors... should be fun (I hope!) and here's hoping I remember all the words!!

As for the New Year - it hopefully brings us some more gigs, more profile, and maybe even the recording of that elusive album eh? who knows!!

much more to come ( I tend to get into things to start with before I drift off and lose interest - so this is likely to be updated at the beginning for sure!!!)

Much Love & Thermal Shorts

Edi & The AFC