Sunday, 27 February 2011

Congrats to Hobbit @hobbitbeats fo the victory in the SW heat for the BBox champs... here's to success for 2011 eh bud?!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Looking forward to gigging this week, catching up with the band, planning stuff for our Album Release on 1st April - can't wait!!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Finally it's here!!...

Ladies & Gentlemen... we know it's been a while, and some of you have been incredibly patient as you've awaited the arrival for many years now, but The Album is here.

Artwork by Sammy Borras

We struggled over the idea of titles, and one or two people gave some interesting ideas ("Straight Outta Gloucester" etc) but seeing as we kept calling it The Album and people kept saying "When's The Album coming out?" it seemed to make sense, as well as the fact that we've been cobbling it together and have got 2 EPs and a Live Recording to our name... so this one now fits as the culmination of all those other songs we've written & discarded or lost, and is a volume of songs & skits hich kind of add together with the other recordings as a full picture of what we're like & how we've developed from a little trio playing a couple of songs I'd written on my own to a fully rounded live act with a full peformance to grace the biggest stage or the smallest living room!...

So these songs cover topics from funerals to imaginary friends, from superheroes to trying to get things right, from failed relationships to Gingers... and we've taken care to make them a bit fuller than we might on stage, but not wanted to overproduce stuff too much... we wanted it to be a bit of a mirror to what we're like really. Also we wanted to ensure that the artwork was as good as the songs - huge thanks to Ben who took some live photos of us which look great, as well as Sammy Borras ( who drew some ace cartoons a whole year ago and that I genuinely love!


So that's the plan - great tunes that we hope you'll love in a package that we hope we'll love too!

if you want one? you'll have to either get a CD at a show (including the album launch on 1st April) or download it from our bandcamp site (i'll send more details as soon as I can)

Keep your peepers peepin and we'll let you know what's happening

Much Love & Excitement

x The AFC