Friday, 8 April 2011

Want to buy an album anyone?!

If you want an album from the AFC at the minute there are 4 ways do do it.

1. buy the album at a live show - really good cause there's no postage or waiting time

2. get in touch with the band direct at

3. Order it via (

4. download online from (

These are all set up, run & manned by ourselves. We'll try to organise things as well as we can to ensure safe and quick delivery to anyone who orders something...

How to make an album pt 2 - The Artwork


Once we'd sorted the Music, it's time to sort out the Artwork right?! well.... no, not really!

Actually, before we'd got any of our songs finished, I already knew what the artwork was going to look like well before that, and all thanks to a young lady from Coventry called Sammy.

It all started with some sketches that were drawn after we played at Godiva Festival in Coventry that then found their way onto Facebook... having seen them, I got in touch with the artist who turned out to be young artist Sammy Borras who, at the time, was working on internet based comics at ...

After having seen those sketches and suggesting the idea of working together, it was kind of forgotten about until September ish 2009, straight after Greenbelt - when these arrived on FB as well

...and ideas of properly trying to get something together entered my head. I got back in touch and asked Sammy to do some cartoons for us. She asked for some photos to work from - so I sent some and awaited the results...

You can see why we were impressed right?! And as well as this, we came up with the idea of using cartoon strips as The AFC is a little bit like "Life in Cartoon" (a potential album title at one stage!!), and used the idea of 3 of our songs - Marmite, Everybody knows Dave, and Alan - as a basis for the 4 panel strips.

on top of all that, the picture on the front cover sums up exactly The AFC in a one shot panel

which, along with a few photos & lyrics etc. gives you a very lovely bit of artwork all wrapped around a lovely bunch of songs from The Austin Francis Connection.

for more details of Sammy Borras' latest plans and ideas, check