Saturday, 22 November 2008

Okey Dokey....gonna try and keep it real..

Hello m'lovelies!...

It's been some time since I blogged & I normally do it over at MySpace - but I'm rarely on there these days... So thought I'd set up a new one, tell some people about it, then try and update it with AFC news a bit more regular like!...

Had a couple of nice gigs recently, and setting up for our London Debut on 2nd Dec at The Great Indoors... should be fun (I hope!) and here's hoping I remember all the words!!

As for the New Year - it hopefully brings us some more gigs, more profile, and maybe even the recording of that elusive album eh? who knows!!

much more to come ( I tend to get into things to start with before I drift off and lose interest - so this is likely to be updated at the beginning for sure!!!)

Much Love & Thermal Shorts

Edi & The AFC