Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Now then!!...

We have a very special limited edition, one off prize that I thought we'd give to a competition winner (not something we've done before, but let's give it a shout shall we??!)

It's going to be a photo competition.

Here are the rules.

1.) The photo must be posted on our facebook page before the 1st November.

2.) The photo MUST have been taken at an AFC show. But it does also include any part or element of the show and the gig itself. That does also include on the way to, and on the way back from...

3.) The photo doesn't have to be high res & glossy to impress us... sometimes, less is more!

4.) The photo does NOT have to include any of the band, but it could if you wanted.

5.) The winner will be decided by Hobbit & the winning entry will be acclaimed from the rooftops and championed across the world!! (or at least, we'll tweet it!)

There it is!! if you've got a good shot of something, why not send it in now to and start the ball rolling!

Much Love,

Edi, Mark & Hobbit

Want an AFC TeaBag??

All you need to do is message me at with the message line - "I need a cuppa" and then I'll give you an address to send a SAE to, which will then be dispatched forthwith containing the very finest blend of leaves to be enjoyed alongside hot water, milk and mebbe a couple of sugars (if it's evening particularly)

The AFC, with a cup of tea - it's almost like it's made for one another!!

The Weekend that just was!... Shambala, Greenbelt and all of that...

Well then!

what a strange up and down weekend that was!!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Just remembered....

...that I had this blog and hadn't written anything on it in ages!...

SO! a bit of an update really... what have we been upto?! Well... where to start?

we got an album ready & available and have been slowly selling them at gigs and shows... never going to be a massive seller like that! so we've set up a bandcamp account where people can download the album, as well as a bigcartel account to buy our album, other CDs and mugs from!

We played one of our best shows in ages at Festival - which is a weekend for ex scouts, adult scouts and scout leaders... I know sounds a riot eh?! well actually Yes!! they were boisterous when we played at their weekend last year and this year? they were off the chain! We got a little bit giddy and had a right giggle onstage (including me playing Connect 4 against one of the crowd during HobbitSkit)... here's a couple of photos and a link to some Youtube clips....

So after the heckling and hilarity of Festival, we took a bit of a break whilst Hobbit went and battled in the UK Beatbox Championships Finals at the O2 in London. He went through the first bit, but battled Ballzee in the semi final, and held back a bit in reserve - which ended up as a mistake! The problem with battling is always, when do you give everything? when do you hold back? do you save your best stuff for later rounds? or give it all to make sure you get through? In the end, the pintsized dynamo was beaten in the Semis but beat one of the qualifiers, Beatfox to assure 3rd place. In the last 2 years, he's had a silver and a bronze so I KNOW that next year he'll be gunning for that top spot again!

On top of that, an elusive TV appearance for the man from the shire resulting in this!...
Click the link to see Hobbit on Blue Peter! (from about 6 mins onwards)...

And following that brush with stardom? what next? Why... a set in a tiny tea tent at Leamington Peace Festival of course!!...
As always seems the way, what began with a less that salubrious setting with the prospect of an audience of a couple of grannies having a cuppa, turned into a great little gig that we all really enjoyed! couple of pictures to follow....

You've never seen Hobbit so up for a gig! He did a solo section and a new loopstation tune which went on for nearly 20 mins on his own! The people of Leamington certainly seemed to enjoy themselves, and we could get Tea on tap as and when we wanted it - what a great show!!....

enough of an update for now - there'll be more of the same in the next 24 hours to catch up with the rest of our goings on..... promise!!....

Friday, 8 April 2011

Want to buy an album anyone?!

If you want an album from the AFC at the minute there are 4 ways do do it.

1. buy the album at a live show - really good cause there's no postage or waiting time

2. get in touch with the band direct at

3. Order it via (

4. download online from (

These are all set up, run & manned by ourselves. We'll try to organise things as well as we can to ensure safe and quick delivery to anyone who orders something...

How to make an album pt 2 - The Artwork


Once we'd sorted the Music, it's time to sort out the Artwork right?! well.... no, not really!

Actually, before we'd got any of our songs finished, I already knew what the artwork was going to look like well before that, and all thanks to a young lady from Coventry called Sammy.

It all started with some sketches that were drawn after we played at Godiva Festival in Coventry that then found their way onto Facebook... having seen them, I got in touch with the artist who turned out to be young artist Sammy Borras who, at the time, was working on internet based comics at ...

After having seen those sketches and suggesting the idea of working together, it was kind of forgotten about until September ish 2009, straight after Greenbelt - when these arrived on FB as well

...and ideas of properly trying to get something together entered my head. I got back in touch and asked Sammy to do some cartoons for us. She asked for some photos to work from - so I sent some and awaited the results...

You can see why we were impressed right?! And as well as this, we came up with the idea of using cartoon strips as The AFC is a little bit like "Life in Cartoon" (a potential album title at one stage!!), and used the idea of 3 of our songs - Marmite, Everybody knows Dave, and Alan - as a basis for the 4 panel strips.

on top of all that, the picture on the front cover sums up exactly The AFC in a one shot panel

which, along with a few photos & lyrics etc. gives you a very lovely bit of artwork all wrapped around a lovely bunch of songs from The Austin Francis Connection.

for more details of Sammy Borras' latest plans and ideas, check

Saturday, 26 March 2011

How to make an album pt 1 - The Music

Now then.... how are you? you look great - did you do something different today? your hair right? you look amazing - you should have it like that all the time!!

Anyways... I thought I'd give you a little bit of an extra something to give you some insight into what we've done to make this album. In a couple of blogs (which I'm going to try to get into the hang of doing more often) I wanted to just document the trials and tribulations of putting our album "The Album" together.

We started the band around 6 years ago and recording was not something we really thought too much about. Our first EP "A Bit of a Shambles" ( was put together in 3 or 4 weekends up in Yorkshire, holed up & working Saturdays & Sundays with the awesomely talented and gracious Piers Williamson. Then, the recording that followed that was a Live album "All at the same time" which was recorded by Piers at the Hope & Anchor in Coventry & pressed up ourselves.

After both of these, we needed to look at alternative recording arrangements and stumbled into The Chairworks - again in Yorkshire - which was an expensive studio on a cheap rate. We recorded a rough version of a Pilot for a radio show....which never got put together properly!...
Just after we'd worked there, the studio was taken over by other people who wanted more money from us and in the end, we never got most of our script back...

That section in Yorkshire took away a lot of our energy, but we found a studio via some friends of ours called OneNation & began working with James - who we'd gigged for in the past.

First thing to do was to get all the files from our previous recording spots. One of the advantages of One Nation was that it used Protools, Cubase AND Logic, so we could work with all the platforms we'd used in the past.

Once we cobbled together the initial bits, the plan was explained to James about us wanting to record an album where the tracks stood up on their own, but the main focus was our sound we get live and slightly augmenting that rather than attempting to reinvent the wheel. We also had some writing still to do, as We Are The AFC, Drop That Beat, Can you See The Stars were all written and partly recorded, but Dave, Alan, Ginger Pride were not even properly written, let alone recorded!

I will however say, that my regular pilgrammages down to Leamington to hook up with James for evenings throughout the last 18 months have been great, fruitful and also a great learning experience. He really does know all elements of the studio and learning things like vocal mic position and use of reverb to create a dry sounding vocal has been excellent.
I'm also pleased that even after listening to tracks 30 or 40 times whilst recording & mixing it all, he still giggles and snickers at some of the jokes in the vocals - that means I gotta be doing something right yeah?!

The biggest headache with all the tracks & skits has been attempting to get the levels of everything consistent from the first track all the way through to the last. You will also be able to listen out for - the chime bells on Jobcentre which are actually from an electric drum kit and the use of a Rhodes piano in one of the skits (good job it wasnt in the studio all of the time else it'd be heard on every single track throughout the album!!)

We deliberately wanted an album though that was dominated by the three of us. it was always intended to be a reflection of both the live and studio sides of The AFC. There will be a couple of tracks on there which we probably won't play live - Black Day & Hope this is a rehearsal to name a couple - because they'd be too out of place at a live show in comparison with Ginger Pride which will slot in quite nicely. Also look out for the sub bass on most tracks - it's actually Hobbit! as is the shaker you hear throughout the tracks. I can also tell you, that if you hear organ or keyboards anywhere - that was me!...

Does sound good though.

NEXT TIME: Pt 2 - The Artwork

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Congrats to Hobbit @hobbitbeats fo the victory in the SW heat for the BBox champs... here's to success for 2011 eh bud?!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Looking forward to gigging this week, catching up with the band, planning stuff for our Album Release on 1st April - can't wait!!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Finally it's here!!...

Ladies & Gentlemen... we know it's been a while, and some of you have been incredibly patient as you've awaited the arrival for many years now, but The Album is here.

Artwork by Sammy Borras

We struggled over the idea of titles, and one or two people gave some interesting ideas ("Straight Outta Gloucester" etc) but seeing as we kept calling it The Album and people kept saying "When's The Album coming out?" it seemed to make sense, as well as the fact that we've been cobbling it together and have got 2 EPs and a Live Recording to our name... so this one now fits as the culmination of all those other songs we've written & discarded or lost, and is a volume of songs & skits hich kind of add together with the other recordings as a full picture of what we're like & how we've developed from a little trio playing a couple of songs I'd written on my own to a fully rounded live act with a full peformance to grace the biggest stage or the smallest living room!...

So these songs cover topics from funerals to imaginary friends, from superheroes to trying to get things right, from failed relationships to Gingers... and we've taken care to make them a bit fuller than we might on stage, but not wanted to overproduce stuff too much... we wanted it to be a bit of a mirror to what we're like really. Also we wanted to ensure that the artwork was as good as the songs - huge thanks to Ben who took some live photos of us which look great, as well as Sammy Borras ( who drew some ace cartoons a whole year ago and that I genuinely love!


So that's the plan - great tunes that we hope you'll love in a package that we hope we'll love too!

if you want one? you'll have to either get a CD at a show (including the album launch on 1st April) or download it from our bandcamp site (i'll send more details as soon as I can)

Keep your peepers peepin and we'll let you know what's happening

Much Love & Excitement

x The AFC

Saturday, 15 January 2011

check this! Video of Hobbit's solo section from Leicester last Weds...