Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Now then!!...

We have a very special limited edition, one off prize that I thought we'd give to a competition winner (not something we've done before, but let's give it a shout shall we??!)

It's going to be a photo competition.

Here are the rules.

1.) The photo must be posted on our facebook page before the 1st November.

2.) The photo MUST have been taken at an AFC show. But it does also include any part or element of the show and the gig itself. That does also include on the way to, and on the way back from...

3.) The photo doesn't have to be high res & glossy to impress us... sometimes, less is more!

4.) The photo does NOT have to include any of the band, but it could if you wanted.

5.) The winner will be decided by Hobbit & the winning entry will be acclaimed from the rooftops and championed across the world!! (or at least, we'll tweet it!)

There it is!! if you've got a good shot of something, why not send it in now to and start the ball rolling!

Much Love,

Edi, Mark & Hobbit

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