Wednesday, 21 August 2013

This is it.

So then.

Here it is.

10 years ago I came up with an idea having been asked to see about doing a solo project following my previous band Psalmistry coming to a close. I remember sitting with our drummer Matt and chatting about what we were going to do next. Neither of us had a clue,but I'd already spoken to Piers, and so I knew i was going to go to a different studio to record some songs. That was al it was though, just some songs - there was no live show even thought of. So the person to blame is actually K-Os

who was supporting The Roots when I saw them in Bristol. He came on with a drink, sat on a stool centre stage with a guitarist & tabla player and rapped tunes with sung choruses. It made me think about getting on stage again with a couple of others & doing something chilled and easily organised!...

So following on from the start, umpteen gigs later, we come to the end. And it's an emotional time really. Me & Mark have been chatting about what happens next!

Hobbit's got an awesome solo career ahead of him and we're so proud that he's been a part of the group and that we've been able to play a part in developing his stage confidence & presence to what he is now. make sure you check out and also

I don't know what happens next... maybe I need to take some time away from any idea of performing, and maybe think about what kind of songs I might want to make next? or maybe ignore music for a while? The hardest thing to think about is that The AFC became more than just a bunch of daft songs - we'd kind of got to a point where we'd really worked out how to put things across on stage and how we wanted to do things! And not only had we started to write good songs and perform them well, but people had begun to latch onto it and kind of get into what we were doing too. Hobbit put it best when he said that it was a shame that we couldn't all commit 100% to the band and go full on for it, but with families and jobs that needed doing, we were never really in that place... it's a shame we never got to do Edinburgh or Glastonbury or to go overseas, but we had a great shout anyways...

So once it's all done, who knows... But I'm sure it won't be the last of me!... I've been performing in a band since I was 17, so I can't believe I won't be doing nothing

I'll let you know


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Željko Milošević said...

Hi there!

I'm Zeljko from Serbia. Just wanted to say that i'm sad to hear you're breaking apart... I saw you at greenbelt few years ago, and i fall in love with your music. My circle of friends is singing Dave all the time :)

Hope you get together again sometime in the future, at least once a year, to publish a song or to have a gig somewhere.

have fun! :)